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Nov 1, 1999 Issue

Can You Trust This Penguin?
Learning To Samba

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Sm@rt Partner

Strictly speaking, Samba, the open-source Common Internet File System (CIFS) file and print server, isn't a Linux product at all. Samba also can be found providing Windows NT file and print services for FreeBSD, SCO UnixWare and even Solaris (thanks to Veritas Software Corp.).

With Samba, almost any Unix machine can be transformed into an NT server, at least from an end user's viewpoint. Samba also is fast. In our recent review of Samba, we found that on modest single-processor systems, Samba's NT services ran rings around NT's own services.

Samba isn't perfect, but most horror stories about its use are exaggerated. Reports of corporations being halted in their tracks by someone placing a Samba system in an NT network as a primary domain controller (PDC) are completely misleading. Any NT network would come to a howling halt with NT systems dueling for PDC superiority. As an ordinary server or a backup domain controller (BDC), a Samba-equipped Linux box works as smooth as silk on NT networks. In one Sm@rt Reseller branch office, we've been running a pair of Samba boxes with NT PDC and BDC boxes since March. During that time, we've never seen a hint of a conflict.

Fast, stable and secure--so what needs improvement? Lots of things, according to Jeremy Allison, a leading Samba developer and SGI engineer.

Support for Samba as a PDC is a major, ongoing issue, which is "'bloody hard." NT printer-driver support is almost there, but almost only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades--not printers.

Another "exciting" project is WinBind. When successful, WinBind will replace Linux user and group authentication with NT PDC access. In brief, Samba users will have only a single log-in for access to all CIFS, NT, and Samba file and print services. Currently, on hybrid NT/Unix networks, a user must log in to the Linux box and then log in to the NT side to access all available drives.

Samba also currently lacks the ability to map NT access control lists (ACLs) to Portable Operating System Interface for Unix (Posix) ACLs. But, it can map NT ACLs to standard Unix permissions. For many potential customers--especially federal government offices--Posix compliance will make Samba solutions much more compelling.

As it sits, Samba only works with the ASCII character set. SGI's Allison is working to build Unicode support into Samba. Unicode is an ASCII superset used to represent up to 65,356 characters instead of ASCII's 256. That is important because Unicode is the character representation set of choice for most non-Roman alphabets. Practically speaking, Samba will become more viable for international customers after that change is implemented.

Finally, the Samba team isn't just working on making Samba a better NT than NT within its range. The group already is working on Windows 2000 "down- level" compatibility--the same level of Windows 2000 interoperability that NT 4 will have under Windows 2000 networks.

Face it: Thanks to Samba, Microsoft-style file-and-print serving is now as ubiquitously available on Unix servers as it is on NT. Even better, it's faster than NT on modest servers--and more stable.

Advantage: Samba.

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